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I've taught mental conditioning along with physical conditioning for many years. The athletes I taught, taught to me as well. It’s easier to understand that if you are physically out of shape and you have to perform something physical how you might end up falling short. What’s harder don’t understand is if you are mentally out of shape and you have to perform something mental how you might fall short. This course will teach you how to get your athletes into mental "shape".

  • Learn how to inspire the most powerful, impacting, lasting and enduring motivation in your athletes to prepare them to deliver their very best performance

  • Distraction is the enemy of performance. Teach your athletes the skill of focus, control and eliminate distractions, and deliver optimal performance

  • Create a culture of accountability that will empower your athletes to deliver their very best performance when it is needed the most

  • Build a culture of accountability within your team that is directed by the personal autonomy and integrity of your athletes, more powerful than any established list of rules and consequences

  • Inform yourself on the full scope of thoroughly preparing your students, children, and athletes, so they have all of the tools they need to perform and excel

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People Are Saying...

Key to Success

Charles Harris, DE Atlanta Falcons

“There are coaches that can teach you inside the lines and there are coaches that can train you before the whistle blows. That is exactly what coach Ivey and his mental performance team is able to do. Everyone highlights the plays that are made but no one thinks about the moments sacks are missed, balls are dropped or assignments blown. Being able to mentally maneuver through your thoughts to remain at an optimal level is key to success."

High Performance Excellence

Dr. Rick McGuire, Positive Psychologist & Track Coach

"It was his pursuit of the Ph.D. in Sport Psychology that allowed him to become Dr. Pat Ivey, armed with the understandings that Thinking Right mattered, that Wrong Thoughts hurt performance, while Right Thoughts helped and facilitated best performance. Thinking Right mattered, and Thinking Right is a skill that can be learned! And Dr. Pat Ivey is a brilliant teacher! If you are seeking to improve your performance, and are committed to achieving High Performance Excellence, then you want to experience Dr. Ivey’s teachings, methods and models."

Preeminent Voice

Dr. Amber Selking, Performance Consultant

"Dr. Ivey is one of the most preeminent voices in college athletics today. His experiences as an athlete, coach, and administrator position him for unique impact at every single layer of the student-athlete journey. He doesn't just know the science, he can translate it to those who need to understand the most. He doesn't just have the influence because of his title, he has impact because he actually cares. His holistic understanding and approach to Mental Conditioning training will set you up for success whether you're an athlete, coach, administrator, or parent."


Dr. Coach

Pat Ivey

Currently serving as the Associate Athletic Director for Student Athlete Health and Performance at the University of Louisville, Pat Ivey got his beginnings as an athlete at Mizzou and went on to the NFL. After hanging up his pads, he carved out a 20+ year career as a strength and conditioning coach where he also earned his PhD, forming the basis for this Mental Conditioning course. A life long coach, Pat will always derive satisfaction of helping those around him reach their optimal levels of performance.

Get Ahead of the Competition

It's not just about sport and sport performance, it's all about Human Performance.

Course Layout

When you purchase, you get:

Lifetime access to all 13 Mental Conditioning lessons, complete with a video of me teaching the lesson and providing examples, a downloadable slide deck so you can start teaching your athletes and staff immediately, the downloadable audio of each lesson so you can learn anywhere, and the transcript of each lesson. No matter what type of learner you are, you'll have what you need to not only learn the material, but teach those around you.

Certificate of completion available upon request - so while it won't get you CEUs (yet), you can chalk it up to a professional development expense.

Even more people are saying...

Nobody More Qualified

Elvis Fisher, Mizzou All-American

"Dr. Coach Ivey is the complete package and the exact prototype that you want and need in a positive coach. He played his sport at the highest level, he has a tremendous amount of knowledge for his craft, he is a strong male role model, but most importantly, he cares about each one of his athletes. When it comes down to learning about 'mental conditioning', there is nobody more qualified to show and teach you the skills needed to succeed."

Strong Recommendation

Bert Sorin, President of Sorinex

"Coach Ivey is an extremely rare person: a college standout, NFL vet, icon coach, administrator, PhD, consultant, a true leader. I would strongly recommend Coach Pat Ivey for any job which requires managing, mentoring and inspiring young men and women."

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